When I was starting my journey as a developer, I didn't understand why I didn't get the big, interesting tasks that my senior colleagues got. I felt like I was capable of handling those tasks just as well as they could.

More recently, I was a mentor to the frontend development interns in my company and I had to plan what I would teach them. As I wrote down a list, I was surprised by the number of things I had to cover. But I was also surprised that I had picked up all these things over the years.

This is experience. The disconnected, random bits of knowledge that make little sense on their own but make a big difference when an issue requires it. The familiarity that allows us to know what is coming and what is likely and plan ahead.

At the same time, I feel that I am more cynical when I hear about new ideas or initiatives. I've seen many come and go and I've felt the pain of adopting them. I feel like I'm less open to trying new things and that I'm more likely to stick with what I'm familiar with. This is the dark side of experience.

Prabashwara Seneviratne

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Prabashwara Seneviratne

Author. Lead frontend developer.