Hello 👋

My name is Prabashwara Seneviratne but I often use my nickname bash since most people find my name hard to pronounce. I am the author of this blog and the lead frontend developer at Nuvole where we work on projects for international NGOs such as the World Food Programme and the International Labour Organization. I live in Prague, Czech Republic.

Me on stage at Webexpo 22
That is me on stage

I started working with React in 2016 when I built a location-based social network app using React Native. That app was unsuccessful but I loved working with React so I made it my specialty. Since then, I have worked on dozens of React projects ranging from desktop apps (Electron) to online web platforms and PC game UIs (Gameface).

I like giving talks and sharing what I know with the community. I have given several talks at frontend meetups and conferences and I would love to present again in the future.

Me at ReactiveMeetup 2019
ReactiveMeetup 2019

Me on stage at Webexpo 22 in Lucerna Great Hall, Prague
Webexpo 2022

Why do I have this blog?

I have this blog to share useful guides about frontend development and to document my experience and experiments in the space.

All of the posts on this site are written by me and I try my best to ensure that the information in each post is correct and applicable.