Learning frontend development can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to learn and on top of that, you are not sure how much of each thing you should know. With most modern websites being built with frontend frameworks like React, you might be wondering whether you can skip learning Javascript and jump straight into React.

While you could jump straight into React without knowing Javascript, I don't recommend it. Javascript is still the only* programming language of the web and while it might seem like all these frontend frameworks have their own language, they only extend Javascript. So when using a Frontend framework like React, you still write Javascript while using the extra features that the framework provides. So if you jump into React without learning Javascript first, you will not be able to understand and use React effectively.

So the real question then is how much Javascript you need to know to learn React. Do you need to fully master it or is knowing the basics enough? While more Javascript you know the better, you definitely don't need to master every single Javascript concept before starting to learn React. You can find a more detailed list of what Javascript concepts would be the most useful here.

*WebAssembly is the other programming language of the web but it is designed to be used for computationally expensive tasks and it will not replace Javascript

Prabashwara Seneviratne

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Prabashwara Seneviratne

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